Time to talk about your relationship? 

Couples therapy with an experienced specialist psychologist


All relationships can be strengthened - including yours!

Do you need help to communicate better? Get better cooperation and a fair distribution of responsibilities? Do you long for a more intimate and loving relationship? Do you want to be helped to forgive and move on? Or examine in a clear-eyed way whether the relationship has any future at all?
Welcome to couples therapy with an experienced specialist psychologist!
For almost 10 years, I have had the privilege of meeting couples who wanted to reconnect, strengthen trust, find their way back and move forward. I have experience with couples whose problems are related to crises, parenting, infidelity and lies, sexual problems, illness and disability, mental illness and addiction. And of course the completely undramatic experience of gradually losing each other and what once meant everything. My experience also includes couples who need help to separate in the least painful way possible, as well as those who have ended their love relationship but are still parenting.
I help you have constructive conversations that lead to deeper understanding, increased closeness and concrete ways to prevent recurring problems. Couples therapy helps most people who seek it, and research indicates that it is the form of psychotherapy with the highest percentage of satisfied clients.
Rasmus Ribbegårdh
Chartered psychologist, specialist in psychotherapy and psychological treatment.

Counselling on a firm empirical foundation

I am a licensed specialist psychologist trained at the University of Gothenburg. After graduation, I have completed the 5-year specialist training with a focus on psychotherapy. I have worked in hospitals, pediatrics and primary care. My practice is based on research on what actually gives effect.

All contact is handled with the utmost respect for laws, ethical guidelines, confidentiality and discretion.

Fast and easy appointment scheduling

In general, a first visit is possible within a week. Sometimes this first consultation is enough for you to continue the journey towards a more satisfying relationship on your own. Often, however, there is a wish to initiate a multi-session treatment, and then we meet as many times as you want and need. A visit is 75 minutes long and costs SEK 1600 including VAT.

Convenient central location or online

Appointments normally take place at the clinic located at Grönsakstorget in Gothenburg. The premises are easily accessible by car, bus or tram. There is nearby parking.

For those who wish, it is also possible to meet remotely using video conferencing software - which often works surprisingly well.


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